Neil deGrasse Tyson “Look what happened the last time you didn’t vote”. A disaster, a monster became President it is the most important thing you can do in your life as a citizen of this country and women were only allowed to vote August 18, 1920, and African American weren’t allowed to vote free and clear until 1965 not that long an ago I was born in 1963. 1963 was a good year also the same birth year as Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley anyway I hope you get the point tomorrow is election day for most folks a holiday and for some not but it should be a national holiday for all this is very important folks. Vote like your life depends on it if you want freedom of expression, freedom of choice, affordable health care, a clean environment, job protection, and more jobs also having social securities and no more useless wars you will vote like I will in the Democrat column all the way down and get. Yes, I want social security around when I retired and get  “those sons of bitches out of here”.