Kevin Durant can’t escape the Knicks rumors, and on Wednesday night, he broke his nine-day media boycott and blasted reporters for fueling the never-ending speculation.

“I have nothing to do with the Knicks, I don’t know who traded [Kristaps] Porzingis,” Durant said after scoring 23 points in the Warriors’ 141-109 obliteration of the Spurs. “It ain’t got nothing to do with me.”

But everyone around basketball knows it does. The Knicks-Mavericks stunner last week freed up enough space for James Dolan’s team to sign two max contracts this offseason and Durant, of course, is at the top of the Knicks’ wishlist.

The Daily News’ Stefan Bondy also recently reported that an incentive behind trading for DeAndre Jordan, as part of the Porzingis blockbuster, was for the purpose of having him recruit long-time buddy Durant to the Garden in July.


Kevin Durant.
Kevin Durant. (Andy Lyons / Getty Images)

“I’m trying to play basketball,” Durant said. “You come in here every day and ask me about free agency. Then when I don’t want to talk to you all, it’s a problem with me.

“I just don’t trust none of y’all. Every time I say something, it gets twisted up and thrown out, and so many different publications try to take me down with my words that I say, so when I don’t say nothing, it’s a problem. I just want to play ball… Is that a problem? Alright then.

Durant took aim at one reporter specifically — Ethan Strauss of The Athletic.

Strauss, a veteran NBA scribe, wrote a piece for the outlet Tuesday, headlined, “Silent star: On the presumed Warriors’ exit of Kevin Durant,” in which he tackles Durant’s coming free agency and all the Knicks buzz that has already come with it.

The usually-accessible Durant was obviously not quoted in that story, despite Warriors public relations officials trying to get him to budge in recent days. These past couple weeks marked the second time this season the usually accessible Durant has hidden from the media. After his notorious feud with Draymond Green — which also sparked Knicks rumors — Durant was also nowhere to be found.

“Why do you care?” Durant fired back at a reporter who questioned his most recent stretch of silence. “I didn’t feel like talking the last couple of days.”

After a few heated moments, one reporter tried to reel Durant back in with a dull question: “How are you playing, how is the team playing?”

To which Durant abruptly responded: “I’m done! You know you don’t care about that.”

The start of free agency in July, for all parties involved, can’t come soon enough.