Folks with the onslaught of hurricanes, tsunami, typhoons, and earthquakes one can clearly see how climate change plays a part. We must do our part to save the environment we live or we will continue to see the same over and over again. I almost got the longer hotter summers and colder lots of snowy winters. We have places in our country who never saw snow before or had snow in decades now getting snow. recycling not using coal using natural gas instead of oil heat home better more fuel efficient and cleaner gasoline in cars. I see some of us taking the initiative by buying electric cars another way is turning all appliances and lights off in the house when we leave the house outside motion lights are good. If you are worried about burglars get an alarm system installed with a dog in the house. Unfortunately, we and a President and Congress who’s only concern is money and keeping America White. A president how cheated his way into office by the way. The next thing to do as citizens is to vote this Republican Senate out in the middle elections and elect a new democratic President a woman will be a pleasant and welcome surprise. Please feel free to share your comments both positive and negative are welcome and feel free visit my blogs.