The title alone should spark lots of controversy and discussion. Lots of women now are coming forwarding and saying I was either rape, sexually assaulted or molested as teenage or an adult or when I was very young by a male who they trusted and know. Thanks to the judicialĀ hearings on Capitol Hill thank you, doctor Ford for you bold and courageous testimony. You have encouraged a lot of you women to come and also a large number of women now running for office, including Congress and local offices in their districts. Women reporting their bosses co-workers and acquaintances across the board. Unwanted touching, sexual advances, not accepted anyone anymore. No one is above the law also the USMC deal will not make a dent in the economy and help okay Mr. six grader. You and your staff are not above the law and have done nothing to help the poor, the elderly, minorities and women in all the policies have hurt them. Please leave any comments. Also, lots of women have started they own successful business both online and public and private sector businesses White house staff please take note okay I think they going to lose he Mid-term elections anyway.