On December 12 many years ago I met the woman of my dreams I think it was God’s plan. It was a Saturday evening, my job had a Christmas party, where destiny would have it I met my future wife. A lot of people who were not invited to the Christmas party ended up showing up and was being turned away so someone got upset and called the Fire Department who then told us we have to stop the party and close it down. Ironically she was also attending her job’s Christmas party which ended early. I decided that wanted to continue party some more so I went to a nearby club and about 5 minutes after there I saw her coming into the same club she was very attractive I ask her to dance she said yes. We kiss and dance the night away the music was perfect the crowd was perfect and the drinks were perfect. A few years later we got married and I told her I want to turn our wedding into a party. We had the ceremony and reception in the same hall that night just in different rooms. She had a good friend who just began a Pastor who married us for free of charge. Till this day everyone told me this was the best wedding they ever been to. Folks Jesus perform the first miracle at a wedding, marriage is very important to God and Jesus and to folks who don’t drinks served at they wedding remember her turn the water into wine and it was the best wine they ever had, they which he had done it earlier.