The name also should spark a debate he and Jim Brown meet with Donald Trump today in the white house believe Kayne and Jim this is using you that is what he does so well with the brain of a six grader. Kayne speaks for himself only and now is seem also as the whitest black man in America. Kanye this is a man isĀ getting over on you your wife Kim Kardashian and Jim Brown, Jim you were a great football player who stands for something in the past and was a role you stand for nothing. As you can see most of my post are Political, politicsĀ are very crucial now and needs our attention when a man can say I drink beer passed and don’t remember and yell at the people who are hiring him and becomes a Justice there is something wrong. You sexually assaulted and harassed more than one woman and people are okay with that. Just because White males in America are losing their political power and to quote Oprah Winfrey your time is up.