Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, This is how I make my turkey wings. First I get

1 or 2 lbs of baby Turkey wings from the meat market. Then I wash the turkey wings with and clean them with lemon juice. Then after I clean the turkey wings than I add my seasoning which consists of salt, adobo, ground garlic, pepper, and paprika. Once I seasoned the turkey wings and have them in the pot, then I fill the water in the pot. I parboil my turkey wings. Some people clean their turkey wings and add their seasonings and put in the oven. I don’t like to do that because once the turkey wings are cooked they are tough to eat and I don’t like that feeling. So for me, I parboil my turkey wings for an hour. once they have boiled then I transfer my turkey wings into a pyrex dish. once I transfer the turkey wings in a pyrex dish I pour some of the juices from the turkey wings that was parboiled into the dish as well. I cover the pyrex dish with aluminum foil for an hour and let it cook in the over on heat with 350. so it can get tender. Once an hour is up I remove the aluminum foil off the pyrex dish and let the turkey wings get brown for an hour. Once the turkey wings get brown than you can take them out the oven and cover it up. for side dishes, I usually will make cabbage and rice. And that’s how I make my turkey wings.