We have to realize how much the oppressor has influence over the black community’s thoughts and actions. They control and influence who we destroy & tear down. This is all tactics to keep black family apart. Promote a masculine women, who influences feminist dysfunctional behaviors on to our black women, but destroy a man that tried to uplift black people by promoting black family. Do you see the war between black man and woman? Guess who’s behind it, laughing and pulling the strings? This is not about punishing cardi b too (black men). You’re feeding into the war against the black man and woman by insinuating this. The meaning behind this is to stop letting these devils influence and control our thoughts, decisions and actions. Stop letting them control who you outrage against and how you view your own people and who should be delt with and who should not. We need to deal with OUR people OURselves. Instead of oppressors dealing with them while we destroy them through the tv screen with the oppressors “evidence” and perceptions that may not be true.