I’m willing to bet that a good night’s sleep is something you often dream of, but hardly ever get. Did you know that there’s a lot more at stake than puffy under-eyes and low energy? I sure didn’t. Coffee was my holy grail solution for years until finally, I got to a point where enough was enough. Adults need 7-9 hours a night of quality rest to upkeep our physical and mental health. You might be surprised to learn that weight gain, hormone imbalances, and brain dysfunction are all symptoms of getting too-little sleep! But how many times have you gotten in bed early (with the best of intentions) only to find yourself staring at the ceiling or tossing and turning for hours? We need the proper tools to coax the mind and body into a state of relaxation, like a comfortable bed outfitted with divine sheets that keep you asleep all night. Surprisingly, there is a lot of bedding no-no’s that can really mess with your quality of sleep – you might not even know you’re committing them! it is important that your sheets feel comfortable, cool and light.