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On the eve of the pop star baby boom while many focus on the delivery of these babies, I thought it pertinent to discuss some post-delivery considerations. Specifically, what is that baby gonna EAT?

There are some common misconceptions about breastfeeding that I want to address and I will also offer tips for success.

Myth #1: Breastfeeding will change how your breasts look. Newsflash: Pregnancy does that, sis. Your nipples get bigger. Your milk ducts change the architecture of the breasts. Once you go preg, they never go back. You might as well use



Myth #2: The baby is still hungry before your milk comes in. Well, the volume of colostrum, which is the stuff your breasts make for the baby for the days prior to milk, is much less than milk. It is high in calories though. It is also high in antibodies and significantly reduces infection rates in babies.

If the baby seems hungry and wants to suck, let that baby suck. The demand created by nipple stimulation is good for milk production when it does start. Let the pediatrician tell you if the baby has lost enough weight to need formula to supplement.

Myth #3: If the baby loses weight, you need to