Job Loss

Folks with GM closing my plants in Michigan and elsewhere lot jobs have been lost. Folks the economy is not doing well don’t let them fool you.

Living my best life

Folks you don’t have to say anything to those that hate you and you don’t have to acknowledge them at all, you just wake up every morning look in the mirror and say I going to be the best I can be and that usually shut them up Amen.  

I’m ashamed of the USA

Folks by using tear gas on mother and their children at the US Mexico border I never thought I come to see this day. By the way, Albert Einstein was a refugee escaping Europe at the time we might have tear gas or shot the next Albert Einstein from entering this...


Folks we all have them help release stress give and keeps us in good restful sleep to recharged and reprogram for the next day keeps us and alive and help heals us. I want to mention one thing about dreams, however, The distance between your dreams and reality is...

California Fires

The only person to blame in these fires is Mother Nature lets pray for the people that lost lives, loved ones, homes and everything that they recover and for those that passed my condolences and comfort to the families. I know how and why the Sun generates energy in...

Michele Obama

Michele Obama Has a new book think I will purchase it. The Obama’s was a very good president family in the white house with no scandals no harassment no indictments. It’s a new tell-all book and mentions Donald Trump not in good light. He is not a good man...

War is stupid on this Veterans day

Neil deGrasse Tyson. FYI: After WWI ended, 100 years ago today, a scattered epidemic of the Spanish Flu became a pandemic, as millions of soldiers shipped home, spreading the disease internationally, killing an additional 50-million people worldwide. Think we live in...


Let’s hope Trump gets trumped today and get those republicans  S.O.B. out of here. Trump advisor  John Dean says Nixon was corrupt  Trump is evil truer words have not been spoken enough said.


Neil deGrasse Tyson “Look what happened the last time you didn’t vote”. A disaster, a monster became President it is the most important thing you can do in your life as a citizen of this country and women were only allowed to vote August 18, 1920, and...

Guns and God

The two words do not go together no one should be afraid of worship and should feel safe. Mr. President, please denounce white nationalist enough said.