Lady Sensei Chisom Gerry is the Founding President of the Women’s Martial Arts Network and the United States Representative of the International Circle of Masters. She is ranked 3rd Dan in Ninjutsu, Edged Weapons and Jujutsu by her primary teacher, Professor Ronald Duncan, O Sensei (1937-2012), the Father of American Ninjutsu. She is currently ranked Shihan 6th degree Black Belt and student of her first-generation Shinobi Brother, Grandmaster Dan Mc Eaddy in the Angelic System, and ranked 5th Dan instructor in the Vee Arnis Jitsu School of Self Defense under Shihan Scott Stewart. Lady Sensei Chisom Gerry travels the United States, Canada, and the Carribean, teaching women’s self-defense, 21st-century combative measures, empty hand techniques, traditional and improvised weapons.

Lady Sensei Chisom Gerry is an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and self-defense instructor under Chief Lateef Dickerson for the New Jersey Firearms Academy. Her background includes more than 8 years in Behavioral Health as a Psychiatric Emergency Response Team member and is highly skilled at crisis prevention and management. She has de-escalated at thousands of clinical interventions and trained clinical staff in the use of verbal and non-verbal de-escalation skills, and non-violent physical interventions.