You’ve recently had nights where you just couldn’t sleep. You tossed and turned, walked the room, and still could not get a peaceful night’s rest. Trying to figure out the cause or who to blame has been uneventful. Well, you know what that means? It’s time for a mental detox.

Just like your physical body needs occasional detoxing, so does your mind. For years you have probably bombarded your brain with all kinds of social media, other people’s problems, recurrent thoughts of your own life events, and bottled up frustrations and pain.

We are living in a society where the latest gossip trends, technology, and human interactions are constantly heightened, repeated, and traumatizing. How is one to know when it’s time for a me



Here are some signs that you may need a mental detox:

1. You are scrolling through your news-feed intentionally seeking negativity. Think about it. You can’t sleep, and you are irritated and miserable. So why not find stories that you can relate too. You scroll trying to find who feels miserable like you, so you can validate that it’s okay to stay that way.

2. Endless social media engagement. You are browsing Facebook, Instagram, snap chat or whatever social media platform that keeps your mind occupied. Instead, 3. Family and friends don’t want to be around you. 4. You feel mentally exhausted just talking about your day and 5. Unable to make solid decision, you mind tends to wonder shile deciding a grocey list, preparing a meal, or what moive to watch. Finally ways to detox on your own is to limit social media time do 15 mins of meditation and deep breathing excersie eveyday , listen to some smooth soothing music, and pray.