Long days at work combined with trying to maintain a social life or family time can require much more energy than you know. Having consistent energy to do your daily activities is always the goal, but it may not always be the reality for you. If your energy is consistently on ‘E’, check out the following things that may be stealing your energy and how you can snatch it back.

1. You Aren’t Eating Enough Protein

Whether you’re a bodybuilder, or an accountant sitting at your desk all day, you need adequate amounts of protein to support your body and your energy levels. People who feel extra tired in the afternoon may feel that way due to skipping out on their protein. Protein helps to slow down your body’s rate of absorption of sugar, which if absorbed too quickly, can cause that dreaded midday crash. 2. Don’t exercise often enough. 4. Eating or drinking too much sugar and or caffeine. and 5. Not seeing the doctor often enough who put you on a diet check your vitals to see where you are exactly.