The Benefits of Herbal Supplements.

Throughout history, people have taken (and even smoked) herbs to produce aids to ailments and assist altered states of consciousness. Although some in modern times seek hallucinogens for pure recreation, many still use these plants respectfully on their journey to spiritual knowledge, health, and well-being.

There are a variety of medicinal uses for utilizing herbal mixtures too. One can use calming or tranquilizing herbs to relax physically or mentally. Even the milder herbs are useful during meditation and vision quests. Some herbs can be ingested for calming the lungs or to aid in breaking down mucus through tea formulas and tinctures.

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You Can Regulate Your Own Dosage

You can always buy small amounts of each herb, brew them up in different cups, set all the cups in front of you, grab some spoons and start smelling, looking, and tasting each of them to see what you think. However, the base of a herbal blend
the primary herb you’ll be using – called your base ingredient or primary ingredient.