A 17-year-old Dutch girl died by legal euthanasia Sunday after a years-long battle with depression and anorexia.

Noa Pothoven, of Arnhem in the Netherlands, explained the choice to end her own life in a now-private Instagram post last week, saying the trauma she struggled to live with following a childhood rape had become insufferable.

“After years of fighting and battling, I am drained,” she wrote. “I have quit eating and drinking for a while now, and after many discussions and evaluations, it was decided to let me go because my suffering is unbearable.”

The teen, who published an autobiography in 2018 called Winning or Learning detailing her struggles with PTSD, depression, anorexia and self-harm, also asked her followers to not try to talk her out of her decision, adding that it was “final” and “not impulsive.”

“Love is letting go, in this case,” she ended her post.